As Dan Knishkowy, aka Adeline Hotel, explains in his new record, life is filled with contradictions. Called Away Together, it is his third solo LP, though he has lent a hand on a few other recent releases such as Ian Wayne’s A Place Where Nothing Matters and Lung Cycles’ self-titled album. Knishkowy’s new LP under Adeline Hotel is a sensitive reminder to live in the moment.

Plucked guitar notes are this album’s heartbeat. Especially at the very beginning and very end, strumming flutters around the main melody, making for a rich musical storyline that exists in the shadow of Adeline Hotel’s contemplative melancholy. Away Together requires at least one listen with devoted attention, if only so that Knishkowy’s quiet ambling doesn’t get lost behind whatever your mind may be more focused on. Accents from steel guitars and background vocalists make the music feel immersive, and if you aren’t paying close attention, you may miss its nuance. Some tracks take advantage of the effect, dimming his vocals until it seems as though his conversation is with the instrumentation itself, as in ‘Some Kind of Joke’ and ‘At Least We Tried.’ Others, like ‘Lightning’ or ‘Taste the Same’ enjoy their time in the spotlight.

When considering the serpentine narrative of life, small anomalies are not worth worrying about. But taken day by day, they can upend our psyche. Knishkowy addresses this broadly in ‘Some Kind of Joke,’ when he sings, “I don’t wanna be a liar, so I won’t / Pulled by an even higher kind of joke.” It’s barely worth laughing at when our energy is spent finding our purpose.

This is where the album title and its namesake track come in—no matter where life’s bizarre path leads, our relationships transcend. You will always have memories like the ones in ‘Plastic Stars’ of Lucinda Williams, glow-in-the-dark ceiling stars, and awkwardness. On that note, nostalgia is not a bad antidote to ennui and unrest. Continue making memories every day and you won’t have a chance for melancholy.