Despite the seemingly playful artist and album name combo, BABii makes deeply emotive music for vulnerable, even wounded private moments with her debut album HiiDE.

BABii either exists in a world lost, is perhaps lost in the world. It's tough to decide. Whichever it may be, the fledgling artist's wounded, deeply felt mixture of electronic and R&B creates quite the hideaway. The music here is far from tentative, and HiiDE immediately sets the stage for her unique blend of sound and feeling. BABii casts the sense of nervousness with her sound; vocals and textures constantly falling back and forth between rapid retreat and advance.

'CARNiiVORE' is the perfect example, with layered vocals and sounds creating a near frightened tic of a song. HiiDE somehow seems to exist between a fantastical realm and our own hopes and fears, drifting back and forth between the elation of its adventurous sound and BABii's often hushed vocals, with the artist singing nearly as if she's wary of being discovered by a pursuer.

It's not entirely surprising. The album was inspired by the deterioration of companionship, which BABii opened up about, saying “When writing it, I was still trying to keep a dying relationship alive, but it was falling apart because of secrets being kept, I was also his secret and there was a lot of things hidden between us.”

It's no wonder, then, that BABii sought shelter, and that the emotions here tend to lean heavily towards worry, concern, and even fear. Luckily, the very escape she sought for herself provides much the same for the listener.

None of this is to call HiiDE an overly grim affair. To the contrary, it's bursting at the seams with bright sounds, with the likes of 'VOLCANO' offering tones as easy to vibe with as break down to, boasting a nearly Balearic vibe. 'SKiiN' meanwhile goes dance-adjacent, with a throbbing beat and insistent, dominant sounds backed by a soaring choir, combining video game soundtrack drama with something that may well suit the latest hours in the club before stumbling home.

All in all, HiiDE presents a diverse enough collection so as to be difficult to describe in the brief, simple terms of this review. Nonetheless, it represents a cohesive, intriguing debut album that foreshadows a tantalizing, unpredictable future for BABii. We'd all be wise to stay tuned.