Every Beach House album release is a happening. For fourteen years, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have consecutively been able to transcend themselves in the ways of approaching their music, for many considered one of most vulnerable and rawest forms of art. Tirelessly working to achieve their musical precision, the one we now immediately denounce as ‘the Beach House sound’, and a refined aesthetic, the duo persevered and quickly became one of the most popular active and touring bands in the world.

Seven albums and a b-side compilation in and diligently crossing out cities and countries off their list show after show after show around the globe with every record they’ve put out, their new album 7 is a release of their own limitations and an open door to broader possibilities, stripped out of strict visions.

‘Lemon Glow’, released prior to this year’s new full-length, saw the band turning a new leap, embracing, with arms wide open, touches of psychedelia. The lyrics? They remain as one of Beach House’s best assets on top of their signature organs and nostalgic faded guitars. Inevitably, this record was produced during dark times. It’s a reflection on the political chaos, the progressive corrosion and pervasion of women’s right in society and it aims to represent the turning of the page on to brighter days.

‘’L'Inconnue‘ and ‘Drunk In LA’ are two of the core soul songs, and absolute highlights, of this record. The mood, the soft sung glamorization, its respective lyrics and the course down through the melodies, all in all turns into a catalyst of emotional sustain-release. ‘Dive’, despite being a poor selection for a second single, in context becomes the linking point between both ends of this story.

Throughout the second half of 7, a mood that before seemed lighthearted and hopeful shifts onto denser and introspective routes. ‘Black Car’s whispered chorus and self-revolving melody reiterates Legrand’s keenness for melancholic lullabies, alongside Air-esque sounding (yes, the French electronic band) Lose Your Smile.

It’s safe to say that fourteen years of being on the road with heart and soul on constant improvement, determination, good taste and a clear mission statement are key factors to success. 7, Beach House’s seventh album is definitely not their approach to the finish line, but a positive view on what’s yet to come. As their message of optimism and a cry of coherence is strong, this release also solidifies of their efforts and dedication, hence the Baltimore duo becoming titans in the music industry and being worldwide sweethearts.