One word: wow. That’s how I would describe witnessing Billie Eilish perform at Toronto’s Phoenix Theatre venue on Halloween. I didn't know what to expect when I arrived for the performance - I'd heard her songs before and I watched some interviews to get a grasp of who she was, but nothing prepared me for what I saw.

At 16 years old, she already had the venue completely sold out. Seeing it packed, it hit me how massive she really is, but when she came on stage, the screams that I heard... it was like being at a Justin Bieber concert the way her fans reacted. The entire audience sang back her songs word for word, even yelling at times, and she's yet to release her debut album. It was special.

There's been moments in time where I’ve felt like this before, at concerts, like when I saw Adele perform back in 2011 in Toronto or when I saw Lorde’s sold out show this year at the Scotiabank Arena. And look, I know these are big names in music today, but I’ll say it: Billie Eilish might only be 16 but she’s already a superstar, just go to one of her shows and see for yourself.