Love is a dangerous game we like to play. Those who are fortunate to thrive and feed off that radiating emotion are called the lucky ones. Love is also a source of imperfect balances and obsessive delusion. As it gradually takes over our lives without one even noticing it, we go on minding our own business until it takes full control and becomes our demise – but it can also become our biggest strength in the aftermath.

Jae Matthews and Gus Muller have a bond that goes beyond music and in a moment of tension; shots were fired and decisions were made. Since 2014 they have been making music as Boy Harsher and what bonded them together is what keeps them stronger to this day. Their agglomerate of references, atmospheres, boiling emotions and loyalty are transposed to their music: an intense mix of pain and devotion attached to a rejuvenation of 80s EBM with cinematic textures.

Yr Body Is Nothing, their excellent full-length debut, allowed Boy Harsher’s signature way of devotional storytelling to be further developed, quickly becoming one of most stirring elements of their musical identity. Narrating a period of emotional torment, from family matters, personal dysfunctionalities to loss and grief, new album Careful documents the feeling of abandonment and a necessity to escape reality. However, it also reassures that love won’t tear you apart entirely.

‘Keep Driving’’s dynamic atmosphere creates the initial tension point, one that remains until the very end. As it grows with ‘Face The Fire’, Jae’s whispered confessions feel suffocating but with a quota of lustful seduction. As Careful progresses, the level of desperation grows. And so do the pounding synths and the passive aggression in the lyrics, either conveying agony or dancing inner demons away. On ‘Come Closer’ there is no space to hide anymore, as Matthews’ repeated urge for proximity intensifies alongside the pounding drums. Between instrumentals tracks with Lynchian flairs, ‘Tears’’s lived-in lyrics project this inner-sense of brokenness, now ready to be danced to as a way of reflection and acceptance.

Their innocence might be gone, and their sound might be polished, but Boy Harsher have kept the foundations and the loyalty to each other to push through the storm. With Careful, they are no longer the best-kept secret among the dingier crowds, but their music, passion and on-going commitment have placed them close to a league of their own, hopefully lasting throughout the years to come.