Claudia Bouvette’s Cool It is honeyed yet bursting with stark realism, as she flirts with confrontational hip-hop beats and lyrics that tell ex-lovers to “Cut the bullshit,” before she sneaks back to into the whispery darkness of atmospheric electro on tracks like ‘Rough Zone’.

It’s a versatile statement that’s as refreshing as it is catchy, and that versatility is presented in every track. The final 40 seconds of the EP on ‘Lonely Honey’ have a ‘Moon River’ vulnerability and honesty to them that shows off just how natural a vocalist Bouvette is.

It’s the first two tracks that really hit the mark here, though. Title track ‘Cool It’ has a lo-fi homemade feel that makes those clap back style vocals all the more empowering. Second single ‘Don’t Like It’ melds contagious drum ‘n’ bass with candied calls of “I won’t be holding my breath with you,” as Bouvette breaks out of an unhealthy relationship. These offer a one-two punch into her assured world.

Every track here is setting Bouvette up to be the modern female pop-star, but with the slick production on offer it’s hard to say she doesn’t deserve the success of those much more mainstream. ‘Found Lust In The Dark’ is oozing Lana Del Rey mood, while ‘Hush’ combines her evocative atmospheres with her lyrical aggression as her vocals strain to a yelp.

Cool It is a genuinely refreshing EP that centres pop in our brave new world.