While collecting life experiences and tales by living nomadically with her guitar and a dream, now settled in Berlin for over six years, Candice Gordon’s efforts to become a rock and roll powerhouse are now a reality. Garden of Beasts draws inspiration from a city that was clouded in political darkness and where humanity fought in desperation for survival. According to Candice, Garden Of Beasts is “an exploration of human nature, the hubris of identity, dispossession, and the conflict between the allure of savagery and the desperation for salvation from that.” With such heavyweight themes background and inspiration, she successfully turned Berlin’s dark past into spellbinding songs echoing for a little faith.

Recorded in Ireland and Berlin’s iconic Funkhaus studios, Garden of Beasts was produced by A.S Fanning and ties together post-punk and garage influences with a stunning voice. Having worked with punk legend Shane McGowan on her previous release, and supported German pop legend Nena as well as Rick Astley back in the day, Candice’s debut album places her at the gates of a league to which PJ Harvey, Patti Smith and Nick Cave would welcome her with wide open arms.

Candice is not shy about expressing herself musically. She owns and embodies an attitude representative of fearlessness. ‘Smoke In The Air’ first sets the premise for what Garden of Beasts later blooms into: oppression, but with freedom in sight. ‘I Belong to The Night’, one of three pre-released singles, briefly touches surf rock influenced sounds. From one dynamic song to another, we find peace with ‘Tomorrow’, a highlight on this record and also an opportunity for Candice to show how her voice can adjust, going from powerful aggression into tender romance.

‘The Laws of Nature’ extends itself over nearly seven tense minutes of storytelling, in a song that best explores Gordon’s incisive voice. She could have written more love songs, but that would be falling into the predictability. With ‘Goddess of Mercy’ we reach the final stretch in a more a solemn tone, unfolding into ‘In Golden Dreams’, a soothing lullaby for the conclusion of an excellent debut album.

It’s admirable when so much dedication shines through the creative process of a piece, in this case an album, that fully reflects one's identity. Garden of Beasts is just the beginning of something much grander, and indicates that Candice Gordon is bound for greatness.