There’s a lot to be thankful for when listening to Charli XCX’s latest full-length effort Number 1 Angel - a collection that fuses brilliant top-line hooks with compelling production. It’s an ambitious musical mission statement that sounds like the beginning of pop’s next big chapter, teased by an artist who has always been a step ahead of her competitors.

Number 1 Angel is driven heavily by production from PC Music’s roster of artists. Famed for creating futuristic pop/electronic hybrids that sound unlike anything else, their style has found a natural home here driving Charli’s songs, making them weighty and bold. Nonetheless, Charli XCX remains the integral ingredient to success - her songs are excellent, and delivered with a depth that so sorely lacks from the work of many of her competitors.

‘Emotional’ is a particular highlight - a song that rivals ‘Boom Clap’ as her career-best. But others here are almost as good - namely the brilliant ‘ILY2’ and the infectious groove of ‘Babygirl’. They are impeccably-crafted songs, full-to-the-brim with ear-worm hooks. There are plenty of collaborations here as well, including the brilliant ABRA who shines on ‘Drugs’ - the closest thing this record gets to going dark. Contributions from artists including Raye and MØ are universally great as well.

In short, this is an ambitious collection of tracks that showcase the talents of everyone involved. Above all else, it's the sound of an artist evolving and taking risks in the process. Her music is often divisive - the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio on YouTube for her recent Jimmy Kimmel performance being proof of this. Yet, in a sea of music that is so often beige and uninspiring it’s artists like Charli that can always be counted on to provide something that stands out. It may not hit the mark every time, but her adventurous, unapologetic approach to driving pop forwards to exciting new ground should be praised.