Gerry & The Pacemakers are not a band I expected to call to mind while reviewing music more than 50 years on from their brief heyday. The sound they cultivated – in parallel with the more feted you-know-who’s - belongs to a peculiarly slim pocket of years up to about 1965. The hits came, the Mersey air blew around the earth, then the iconoclasm fell and it all went dark. Such is the exploded cultural landscape that we inhabit that any genre, however seemingly dead and gone, is ripe to be summoned up and reborn.

Cut Worms, on this collection of mournful bedroom ballads, breathe a little zombified consciousness into the corpse of Merseybeat and its attendant genres (folk, pop psych, garage rock), and manage in part to achieve a winning kind of retroism. This is the music I was raised on (against my will). For me, and at least a few others, there must be a kind of residual genetic memory to be poked.

However strong your sense of nostalgia, we live and die on our songs, and Cut Worms manages a handful of good 'uns, from the Dylan and Tremeloes-esque 'Like Going Down Sideways', to 'Song of the Highest Tower', which could almost be Roy Orbison. That is rare praise for a bedroom project that mostly sticks to the barest of instrumentation and which feels for all the world like an audition tape. 'Like Going Down Sideways' so strains at the confines of its production as to bleed distortion from the bottom end, bringing to mind the messy genius of the Basement Tapes. The vocal line is pure John Lennon.

Sadly, quality control is not maintained on duds like ‘Alien Sunset’, which is as annoying as the name suggests, putting a nice aesthetic to poor use with a lazy, ripped off succession of melodies inadequately performed.

This EP presents something of a crossroads for Cut Worms. Either they expand their list of references and polish their instrumentation, or they produce a pulpy first album proper. The band are unlikely to be propelled into the sun in quite the way that Gerry Marsden and his troupe were, but he's got time to work it out.