Efterklang may have been gone for seven years, but the Danish trio were still very much together and it’s this connection that’s at the heart of their latest Altid Sammen, or Always Together.

The fifth full length is the first delivered completely in their native language, and it’s this strange lilting sound-driven approach that creates the aforementioned sense of community. Casper Clausen’s voice is the latest experimental instrument the band are toying with here and it contains multitudes. The translations of the lyrics are beautiful, of course, but the inability to decode the language allows a new interpretation. The way Clausen melds with the sonic field of ‘Under broen der ligger du’ creates an out of body experience as the track moves between soft sweeping and elemental rhythms.

Efterklang’s albums, whether they lived up to the promise of their initial offerings, have always delivered beauty; the kind of wide-screen majesty we now get with every heart-string plucking movie montage, and they still do that here. It’s easy to suggest this soundtrack post-rock has become stagnant, but this is easily their most mature album to date, as it drifts into more natural territories and away from the build-up and break cycle of the poppier output.

Altid Sammen sees the band strip-back and explore their core elements; at the centre of many of these tracks is simplicity. ‘Vi er uendelig’ opens the record with a light breeze of synths that serve to elevate rather than to overpower. This seems to be what Efterklang have taken from their time off and their work with others; less instruments doesn’t mean less interesting. However, it’s not sparse by any stretch of the imagination, and ‘Supertanker’ or ‘I dine øjne’ are just as playful as many tracks from Parades.

You might not revisit this record often, but when you want to step back and step out Altid Sammen in its quiet contemplation will be the record to open up new avenues and expose what it was you were searching for.