What a beautiful time to be alive. In an era of here today, gone tomorrow emcees – both literally and metaphorically – the hip-hop community has somehow maintained its backbone with consistent veteran emcees. Whether it’s the constant flow of Gucci Mane releases in recent years, Jay Z’s triumphant return on 4:44, Fabolous / Jadakiss’ back-to-basics Friday on Elm Street, or Big K.R.I.T.’s double-LP 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time, beneath the surface of this endless wave of buzzy trap-rappers lies a wave of old-school revivalists and veterans alike.

But perhaps the hip-hop community’s finest moment in recent months is Elzhi and Khyrsis’ recent collaboration, Khyrsis & Elzhi Are Jericho Jackson. Twenty years in, Detroit-born emcee and ex-Slum Village affiliate Elzhi reappears and delivers one of the finest records of his career.

Khyrsis’ tenure as producer in both the duo The Away Team and in-house producing for The Justus League, alongside producer 9th Wonder, has brought him to his most focused point in his career, too, pumping out slick backgrounds synonymous with Elzhi’s supremely underrated flow.

With Khyrsis behind the board, the majority of his production on Khyrsis & Elzhi Are Jericho Jackson consists of loose, lounge-jazz innards, spaced-out, breeding with Elzhi’s smooth, tongue-in-cheek flow for a significant hip-hop release. Elzhi arrives stronger than ever, with his typical, ultra-aware observations on tracks like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,” where he delivers lines like:

“I thought how he went behind my back and crossed me, that's a crucifix / You know, them abusive sticks they nailed Christ to / Guard our alleyways we shot dice through / Memories of high school parking lot pimping.”

The fact is, the bulk of Khyrsis’ production for Jericho Jackson would be a brilliant collection of instrumentals on its own – Elzhi just takes it up a notch. This is extremely apparent on 'Listen,' – with guest vocals from the mostly unknown Amber Navran – a mellow, back-nine track that offers a serious sense of diversity on Khyrsis & Elzhi Are Jericho Jackson. By the tail-end, Khyrsis & Elzhi results as a liberating listen, formulated as such, offering up a taste of what once was and what is yet to come.

Khyrsis & Elzhi Are Jericho Jackson ends on 'Thank You', a name that sums up the 39 minutes of old-school bliss, both thanking the fans as well as thanking yourself for such a rewarding listen. They both arrive and depart better than ever, seriously outdoing themselves: The beauty of veteran emcee’s releasing late-career albums is that they often have nothing to prove. Instead, they lay out whatever situations have been swimming around their heads, often facing the realities of aging and losing hype. Luckily for Jericho Jackson, the hype is completely warranted.