Sounds and their ability to transcend boundaries and become part of the patchwork of our understanding of the world is what Austria-based British four piece Petrol Girls are tackling on their latest record Cut & Stitch.

Spoken word opens and cuts up the album, showing a softer and more thought-provoking side to the otherwise aggressive and pummelling nature of the quartet. Where their 2016 debut Talk Of Violence spewed the band’s feminism with angsty vitriol, they’ve now evolved to passionate protest that’s more accessible.

‘Big Mouth’ sees Ren Aldridge carry the flame of fierce punk women with a cleverly utilised X-Ray Spex sample. It’s a rallying cry to women that she will not be subdued; “I’m raising my voice louder/ it carries me beyond the wall.” Her vocals have matured as she flits psychotically on ‘Monstrous’ between spitting words out as bullets and strangling the sounds in her throat so that they graze you as you listen. This would be hard to take if it was all we got, but Joe York’s pop punk melodies create choral balance against the more angular moments.

At times these tracks are like poetry; ‘Skye’ is an ode to a lost love; ‘Rootless’ a meandering walk through a changing landscape - and they require decoding. This is music as education, music as the message. ‘Talk in Tongues’ is the band’s social commentary on toxic masculinity, and their split gender line-up puts them in the perfect position to do so. Lyrically it captures the desperation of a man who is struggling to express himself, “I want to talk in tongues, speak right as I feel,” York shouts over a confronting guitar line. It’s a simple concept that they deliver with impact.

There are biting riffs, which swell with rage on ‘Naïve’, but these are no longer at the expense of hooks, and ‘The Sound’ is a head-banging anthem in the making. The collage of sound Petrol Girls are experimenting with here is in that vain of progress, as Aldridge says, “Making change is a constant collective process that never stops.” And the album’s final statement, “We’re not finished, we never fucking will be,” is the band’s ethos encapsulated.