LateNightTales is known for its calm and early-hours feel. In recent years it’s had the likes of Bonobo, Four Tet and Nightmares On Wax bring their sounds to the mix, and it feels natural that Floating Points would take the reign for the next instalment of the series. Sam Shepard AKA Floating Points takes us through his deep vinyl collection whilst you sonically float across the globe. He said on the mix “I was quite keen to have some electronic music in there, but I also really wanted to have some soul music mixed in, so I had to try and find a pathway between all of this different music.”

Sam is known in the DJ world for having a large record collection, normally obtaining the most sought-after. There was a story that once Giles Peterson, a DJ who also shares Sam's love collecting records, once traded a Mitsuoka car for Shepherd's 7-inch copy of João Donato's Amazons. Before even listening to this album, you know there are going to be deep cuts in there, some exclusive tracks, some not heard by many before and others completely forgotten.

The start of the mix by Sarah Davachi has long eerie trance-like effect, the sound certainly balances on that line of being calming whilst ominous and you’re unsure how long it will carry on for. There's a swift change in mood when the Brazilian influences come through with Carlos Walker’s ‘Via Láctea'. A slow burner of a song, where the high pitch and whispering vocals match the peaceful sounding guitar strings and violins.

One track that stands out is ‘Express Your Love’ by Sweet & Innocent, another soothing entry on the mix that can't help but put a smile on your face. The jazz influences come through on the track 'Equipoise' by Max Roach, but, it does have that hotel lobby music vibe to it. Another standout is the beautiful 'Blood Of An American' by Abu Talib. Even though it’s sung in English, it's difficult to hear the notes that Abu is singing, but you can connect through the sound of his voice and the gentle rhythm.

Reaching the end of this compilation, we are left with a Floating Points cover of 'The Sweet Time Suite, Part I' by the late Kenny Wheeler. This version is more downbeat, minimal and slow. Done so by just using the piano, bringing an emotional end to the hour of music. But lastly, is there a better way to end such a brilliant mix than with a LateNightTales story? Spoken by Lauren Laverne, named 'Ah! Why, Because The Dazzling Sun', the reader speaks directly to the sun and their relationship, grateful for everything it brings.

Just as you expect from Floating Points, there is massive variation on this compilation album. Throughout, he's taking you on a journey, as the listener, you’ll wilfully let the music take you in whatever mood and genre comes next. It’s always a good sign if it feels like only half an hour has passed when it’s been over an hour of listening. You are left feeling very much wholesome.

Without being the most well-known, LateNightTales is an esteemed series, those who know hold it in high regard. Floating Points lives up to expectations with this mix. Both intimate and dreamy, Sam takes us on a journey that's very much welcomed.