Blurring the lines to make “genre” irreverent would seem to be the aim of nearly every musician. No one likes to be pigeon-holed, and understandably so. And yet, few musicians can make the claim that they transcend labels better than William The Conqueror, the Cornwall-based trio who mix grit with melody, emotionality with unrepentant power. A few singles have trickled in over the last few months, but the group has proven those tracks were not a flash in the pan with their debut LP, Proud Disturber Of The Peace.

To impress the folks over at Loose Records — home to Americana masters like Sturgill Simpson and The Handsome Family — one has to come up with something pretty special. So for William The Conqueror to be debuting under the Loose banner is perhaps one indication of how rock solid this group’s sound is. All the tracks pound and pulse, rippling with power indicative of how fully-formed and carefully crafted they are.

Lead single ‘In My Dreams’ is certainly a standout, but the album thrives on the foot stomping rock of a track like ‘Did You Wrong’. Located somewhere at the intersection of folk, blues and pure rock n’ roll, ‘Did You Wrong’ has the kind of loose and fast guitar riff that makes you want to put the accelerator to the floor. When vocalist Ruarri Joseph proclaims, “Baby, I did you wrong,” and the background vocals coo into the mix alongside the punchy drums and that pitch-perfect guitar part, things hit a sublime streak.

The band’s slower numbers — tracks like ‘Sunny Is The Style’ or ‘The Many Faces Of A Good Truth’ — are a little less effective. William The Conqueror seems to thrive on the power and energy of their uptempo tracks and Proud Disturber Of The Peace, in turn, thrives when they turn to those songs. There are a few exceptions to this rule, as a song like ‘Cold Ontario' has some truly beautiful moments, but the track generally works best when you want to be tapping your foot.

Ultimately, William The Conqueror have pulled off a slick and impressive debut. Proud Disturber Of The Peace is well-crafted and well-thought out record that slyly draws together a litany of styles, tropes and ideas to create something that stands apart. Loose certainly has a habit of picking winners, and nothing is different here. William The Conqueror have a high ceiling and they’ve set the floor pretty damn high as well.