In the summer of 2015, Freddie Gibbs was in a much different place. We met up in Helsinki nine months after our last interview and a lot had changed. During his first visit to Finland’s cobblestone capital, his fiancé Erica Dickerson was extremely pregnant and accompanied the Indiana rapper on his Lord Fredrick European headline tour like a jet-setting superwoman. And this time around, they had just welcomed a baby girl, Irie Jane Gibbs – the love of Fredrick Tipton's life.

Freddie had just come off the stage following a sweaty headline-performance and I manoeuvred backstage as a press pass-flashing expat and walked confidentially up to the Indiana rapper’s trailer ready to ask him how fatherhood had changed him. But it was written all over his face. While scrolling through baby photos in his phone, he jokes that Irie's full head of hair looks like Michael Jackson's. I kid back saying that MJ was from Gary, Indiana too, so it all made sense. We both laughed as I turned on my recorder to get his energy on record.

"Having a child definitely changed my whole perspective on life. You can't really do the same shit that you used to do when you were younger. When it comes to my business, it just put me in a mind state to make moves for my daughter's future now. At first, I was just living for me but now I've got to take care of somebody else,” he spoke openly over food and drinks from his rider.

"You've got to grow up and especially now. I have a young lady that I've got to raise. I've got to be everything to her. I've got to be the man that she looks to as her standard. When she thinks about a man, she should think about her father first. That all comes with time. I think it's the perfect timing with that for me.”

But times changed quickly. Freddie left Finland and on to country-hop through Europe on his summer tour, stopping off for shows in places like Austria, where it was later alleged that he had sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. He was then arrested before a show in Toulouse, France and later extradited to Vienna, where Gibbs stayed until a verdict was decided – 10,000 miles away from his fiancé and daughter.

After four months of foreign turmoil and a very public fall from independent globetrotting grace, Gibbs was acquitted of all charges and returned home to his family. "New Beginnings," he tweeted upon his release. And he wasn't heard from until now.

"I just beat a rape case, groupie bitch I never fucked trying to give me ten for some pussy that I never touched. At a certain level, system tried to test a nigga's nuts. Nigga hire like eleven lawyers, had to level up."

Without the PC lawyer statements and assumption-based blogger banter, it’s the first time he’s spoken on the case in his own words and he’s appropriately chosen to do so on wax, six months later. 'Crushed Glass' is the haunting Speakerbox-produced string-savvy lead single from the Gary artist's third studio album, on which he addresses the past year and his perspective moving forward on eight poignant tracks that demand control over his creative and personal narrative.

You Only Lie 2wice is a reflection of past mistakes, a declaration of dreams for his family’s future and a time stamp for the strenuous reality of an artist who nearly lost it all on his way to gaining it all. Despite adamantly denying the claims against him, his self-aware bars admit guilt in allowing the game to get the best of him as he details the price he's paid for rash decisions over personally cinematic beats from the likes of Kaytranada, BADBADNOTGOOD and League Of Starz. And in true lyrical Gibbs fashion, his pen paints a peephole into his time behind bars - from his inability to read the jail's German library books to Erica's decision to fly overseas to comfort him leading up to trial.

Freddie Gibbs is back, with the freedom to create and the freedom to live. But with his sonic and personal resurrection, he's only focused on the future of one - Irie. With her, he doesn't need a third chance.