One of Cube Entertainment’s brightest stars comes in the form of new girl group (G)I-DLE. Amongst a recent wave of controversy for senior labelmates, the young girl group has shown that their feet are firmly on the ground as they release second single 'Hann'.

Their oh-so-recent May debut came in the form of the strong, but well-tried, tropical house-pop track 'Latata'. While the maturity remains, 'Hann' steps slightly further towards the sensual side of things with a haunting whistle in the opening which then reappears in the chorus. This step only highlights what (G)I-DLE can bring to the table and is a delight to the ears. Co-penned by leader Soyeon (of Produce 101 fame) and now ex-Cube songwriter Big Sancho, the track is deliciously dark and playful at the same time, as the six membered girl group sings about forgetting a painful past relationship.

The hook in the chorus is addictive and strings add drama in the background. The deadpan raps broken in-between softer verses shows well-considered song structure which benefits the overall pace of the song. The build-up also feels reminiscent of a tango - the pace isn’t particularly overwhelming or fast, but simply more intense, as the song goes on. This finish really makes 'Hann' stand out in a sea of bright, squeaky clean, poppy summer tracks.

(G)I-DLE are slowly pushing for the ultimate girl crush title, and based on 'Hann', the future holds some great things.