We all know and accept how Factory Floor became references within the heavily synthesized and experimental spectrum of electronic music. Having built a career on cerebral musical constructions and getting accreditation from titans like Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor, Gabe Gurnsey is now pursuing the attempt of flying solo under the wing of Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy.

If you’re expecting ‘post-industrial’ you might be caught by surprise. However, among the many layers of dyssynchrony, Gurnsey’s debut Physical features a mashup of genres and influences that range from acid house worthy of a grimy Berlin techno club to beach club house music. Yet, it works perfectly while simulating a deranged narration of an intense, substance heavy, night out.

The feeling of alienation throughout this fourteen-track record is recurrent. With its progression, Physical enters a downward spiral void. ‘Ultra Clear Sound’ and ‘You Can’ work as a gateway to its gradual disintegration. ‘Harder Rhythm’ and ‘Sweat Heat’ combined, both function as a bridge into dissociation, going from a club anthem into slow paced, distorted environment, also glancing nuances of vaporwave-isms.

As recovery follows, Physical also gathers moments of lustful desire. From ‘Heavy Rubber’ to ‘I Get’, tension builds up with mere elements of soft spoken seduction among the 4/4 patterns. Gurnsey’s detachment from Factory Floor’s mannerisms allowed the musician to explore, at his own pace and will, other possibilities within his production skill range. In an album where everything seems to be allowed, at first it may feel uneasy to understand but dissecting the elements is the key to understanding Physical.

As ‘AM Crystal’ allows us to breathe, enabling a moment of spaced out clarity, Night Track’s’ contagious bassline takes the lead towards the end. Physical is a journey in many forms and shapes: composition, concept, progression and daring creativity. It allowed Gabe Gurnsey to step into a new creative box and break all limitations, crossing club-oriented genres and do the unpredictable, and by surprise, being able to produce a record that will definitely receive the full appreciation and understanding it deserves in time.