They say not to judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it’s hard to remain impartial! Take the art for Paul Cherry’s new album, Flavour: a random parallelogram in the background intersects with a Rolex Oyster bracelet, but instead of a normal watch face there is a cherry with a taichi symbol in its cross-section. The music therein is a perfect match for this parody of ‘90s aesthetics. Quite frankly, this record wears its intoxicating nostalgia on its sleeve.

Paul Cherewick is the funky psych rock musician based in Chicago behind this project. He embodies his affectionate moniker as the protagonist in a recent (animated) music video and includes a cherry emoji wherever and whenever possible. The character seems to take on a life of his own in the skits that dot the album, typically in the form of phone calls and voicemails from what we can safely assume are landlines. The subject of heartache detailed in a few of the tracks, though, is timeless.

The best sample of Cherewick’s brilliance on the new record is in the penultimate song, “I See U.” After a brief acoustic intro, Paul Cherry steps away from the piano and turns to make eye contact; his charm makes you smitten just before the horn-filled bridge leaves you to your imagination. Despite a premonition of heartbreak, he admits to falling asleep and waking up to the thought of you. In a dramatic turn, Paul Cherry becomes Cyrano de Bergerac, letting tears fall onto his open Tinder app.

This level of sentimentality is consistent throughout Flavour. Now’s the time to get your taste.