You might not know it, but Hater have had a snazzy little year for themselves. The Swedish band's debut album, You Tried, flew a tad under the radar earlier this year, but caught the attention of Fire Records. Refusing to waste any time, the band has dashed out their first offering for the label, arriving something like a taste of what's to come in the brief Red Blinders EP.

Brief as it may be, it still leave an impression. The jangling guitars of their particular brand of warm dream pop offer some warmth as the winter only grows colder. Listening, you'll surely at risk of longing for summer, but the music manages to fit the season perfectly: tailor made for a relaxing day at home, cuddled under a blanket, cheerful vibes away from the outdoors' bite.

Opener 'Blushing' gets right down to business, offering both the longest (still concise at under 5 minutes, the band is clearly all about brevity) and perhaps most blissful song found here. Sounding much like its title implies, it softly delves through lovesick emotions with the grace of an elder act.

In contrast, title-track 'Red Blinders' belies its tidbit length with an impacting, slow burn groove. Guitars spindle behind singer Caroline Landahl to create a lingering atmosphere, seeming to drift just out of place with each other, as if trying to sift into a fading memory just out of reach.

Hater are celebrating here, with this all too short EP a first breath on Fire Records, a welcoming gift from their new home. It may slip by, but as a signal of things to come, it's more than promising. Spend an easy fifteen minutes this winter with the sort of music that will bundle you up and offer some much needed warmth.