Julia Jacklin has grown since her debut solo record, Don’t Let the Kids Win. With her new band Phantastic Ferniture, she sings of missed romantic opportunities and is happy to let life happen without allowing anxiety to impede. The Ferns (please let this nickname catch on) capitalize on lackadaisical adulthood rather than insatiable nostalgia.

Jacklin is not solely responsible for their debut record, of course. She is joined by Liz Hughes and Ryan K. Brennan, both adept musicians in their own right. Hughes and Jacklin have made music together for quite awhile, having begun two projects in Sydney several years ago; Brennan produced for them when they were Video Set, fka Salta, and in general, they are just great friends. Jacklin even wrote the song “Elizabeth” as an ode to Hughes.

Phantastic Ferniture’s chemistry, then, is convincingly smooth. Their new self-titled LP dashes through fields of warm riffs and detailed melodies, scooping up a bouquet of wildflowers whose imperfections only add to its beauty. Slick guitars drive the emotion on the record, second only to Jacklin’s affecting vocals. Her once-cited influence, Laura Marling, comes to mind given her simultaneous restraint and freedom.

Sex, as an action and an idea, is an integral part of entering adulthood; the Ferns navigate it with relative maturity. “Take It Off” seems to be the best example of short-term fun, followed closely by the lead single, “Fuckin’ and Rollin’.” Love enters the mix on “Bad Timing” when Jacklin sings, “Maybe it's not the time, maybe we were never meant to be.” Hearts aren’t necessarily broken, but even realism can lead to disappointment.

The point of Phantastic Ferniture was to just have fun; it all began with a plant pun and a joke gig planned around the name for the event: Phantastic Ferniture’s Christmas Extravaganza. It has now become the neighborhood bonfire where everyone can come to dance uninhibited and crush a watered-down beer.