The video for lead single ‘Curious’ is where my love affair with Hayley Kiyoko began. Its queer, it’s loud and it’s proud. Just like Kiyoko and her debut album Expectations.

Her feelings are all over this record. Whether it’s relationship anxiety on ‘Wanna Be Missed’, depression on ‘Mercy-Gatekeeper’ or a whole bundle of over-emoting on the aptly titled ‘Feelings’ she’s opening up her every inner battle here.

Sure, there are plenty of queer songs on show; ‘Curious’ and ‘He’ll Never Love You (HNLY)’ among the most blatant with the thrillingly adolescent throwback line “I left a mark on your neck”, but that’s not necessarily the point. These are love songs. The point isn’t to focus on the pronouns, it’s to realise they don’t matter.

As a queer woman who’s been fan-girling over Tegan and Sara for the past 15 years this record isn’t completely surprising. It’s not a revelation. What it is, is about damn time. It’s polished, well produced, and, most of all, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. This is the kind of record that made Carly Rae-Jepson both a fan and critic favourite. There’s the enigmatic art tracks like ‘Mercy-Gatekeeper’ and thumping ballads like ‘Molecules’ interspersed with the smooth radio-ready sound that dominates the playlist. After a few listens you’ll find yourself singing along to nearly every track found here.

Kiyoko is one of precious few openly gay artists signed to a major label and that’s surely a lot of pressure to live up to. But the summery steel drum beats of tracks like ‘He’ll Never Love You (HNLY)’ ensure is that this is radio gold. Together with lyrics like “I only want a girl who ain’t afraid to love me, not a metaphor of what we really could be” the bouncy synth filled 'What I Need' could give a voice to a whole generation.

It’s the ability to see your identify reflected in art and the world around you that gives you some sense of validation, it gives you something to relate to and helps you to express yourself. Hayley Kiyoko isn’t the first to do this, but she is the first unabashedly queer female normalising this in the mainstream on such a transparent, visible level; through her lyrics and her videos. One day, hopefully, we’ll be able to just talk about how great her music is because Expectations surpasses any you might have had.