Kingdom’s reputation precedes him. As a producer, he’s played a huge role in kickstarting the current wave of artists who are now unafraid to fuse different sounds when making their music. Tracks such as Kelela’s 'Rewind', a gorgeous, nuanced club banger that exemplified Kingdom’s skill as a producer and curator - it’s sharp, clever music for the club that draws inspiration from across the musical landscape. Luckily, Tears in the Club lives up to the standards set by his previous work.

It’s a common misconception that a night at the club will evoke instant euphoria. The reality, captured here on Kingdom’s full length debut, is far more complex. Tears in the Club is a sophisticated, smart and authentic love letter to the spectrum of emotions we encounter when navigating the club.

Much like any club playlist worth its salt, Tears in the Club is a record that sits on the periphery of a number of sounds. Tracks such as 'Nothin’' (featuring Syd) and 'What Is Love' (featuring SZA) are the type of slow jams that we have come to expect from Kingdom’s work with artists such as Kelela and D∆WN, but it’s the instrumental tracks that really drive this record to a special place. Title song 'Tears in the Club' and 'Timex' are the types of tracks that demonstrate Kingdom’s brilliance. It’s music to explore, to unpack and evaluate - the antithesis of throwaway fodder. It’s only 'Into the Fold' that seems slightly too pedestrian here, but it’s a small gripe with what is otherwise a truly excellent debut.

Tears in the Club peaks with 'Down 4 Whatever' - a SZA-vocaled masterpiece that amalgamates the sounds that precede it. It’s the crowning jewel of a brilliant record that perfectly epitomises the exciting soundscape that Kingdom’s Fade To Mind imprint has so fuelled over the last few years. Whilst it’s not perfect, Tears in the Club comes pretty close - a body of work three years in the making that is meticulously curated, produced and delivered. Above all else, Tears in the Club acts as yet another testament to Kingdom’s skill as an innovative musician; many try to fuse inspirations from numerous styles, eras and artists, but few do it quite so effortlessly.