Yaeji doesn't fit in. Embodying a seemingly norm-core aesthetic, she presents herself in a way that encourages one to focus on the music as opposed to the artist. Her blasé demeanor is appropriate considering Yaeji is one with her sound. She made a name for herself in 2016 with her enigmatic synthesis of hip-hop, house, and RnB, demonstrating to the public the power of a versatile yet subtle approach to songwriting. Her ability to intertwine her vocals and instrumentals are seamless, resulting in a gracefully cohesive trademark. The Brooklyn based artist is a member of the forward-thinking collective/label GODMODE MUSIC, and through such has put together a couple of releases, most recently the charming EP2. Ambient yet melodic, quaint yet powerful, EP2 showcases Yaeji’s strengths as both a vocalist and producer, boasting new ideas whilst maintaining all of the elements that made people fall in love with her in the first place.

The amatory ‘raingurl’ features straightforward house grooves accompanied by some slick verses delivered by an outward Yaeji. Clever lyricism and subdued synth lines provide a hazy, sensual journey. The following tune, ‘drink i'm sippin on’, with its hip-hop inspired production, demonstrates the depth of Yaeji’s vocal flow. Her delivery is soft, poetic, and personal, almost as if she is letting her listeners in on some sort of secret. The EP ends with yaeji’s take on Drake’s ‘passionfruit’, giving new life to the track. Subtle autotune clouds her voice, which, in combination with the reverb, presents itself atmospherically. The low-passed nature of the production adds a characteristic warmness which is central to Yaeji’s aura.

Although most of the songs off EP2 come across as effortless, the highly detailed, intricate production says otherwise. The highly nuanced manner in which Yaeji conducts herself allows for a satisfyingly rich sound that simultaneously doesn't call unnecessary attention to itself.