Raw Silk Uncut Wood begins with a sense of serenity. Since bursting onto the scene with her debut album Quarantine in 2012 Laurel Halo has been hard to pin down. But it’s this penchant for the serene that has filtered through all her work in some form.

It’s difficult to say we’ve gotten used to a distinct Halo sound, she’s put her name to heavy synth and electronica, she’s shown her pop sensibilities, techno elements and ambient credibility. Though generally speaking her sound can be characterised by its synthetic nature. Here that is gone. As the name might suggest we’re in the natural realm and it sure is terrifying.

The mini-album spans our world and extrapolates the idea of mindfulness until it becomes your reckoning. The two ten minute tracks that bookend the record solidify this journey and in the centre is ‘Quietude’ a nightmarish hammering of piano keys and their sharp mechanical clicking like a pinball rolling around your head. If finale ‘Nahbarkeit’ is the soundtrack to a particularly poignant scene from Blue Planet, then this is the soundtrack to a private breakdown in a very public place. It’s a record that’s aiming to evoke sensations and ‘The Sick Mind’ is a late night frenzy of them.

Deep bassy thuds and cymbal fractures are mingled with the hiss of white noise and jazz influences to create an experimental experience that entrances as well as disturbs. The serenity of bird twitter and the harmonic sounds of life blossoming on ‘Raw Silk Uncut Wood’ don’t last long here, but while they may dissipate the connection with the earth does not.

The final two minutes of ‘Nahbarkeit’ are haunting in their humanity as Oliver Coates cello strings create a harmony of choral voices that resonate long after the song is over. It’s a final hurrah for a fallen soldier as military drum rolls fade away.

Halo has tried her hand at just about everything and while Raw Silk Uncut Wood may alienate some in its distinctness from her back catalogue it finds a firm place in her ever-growing oeuvre. If I were an ambient experimental musician I’d be terrified of how good she is and if I were any other kind of musician I’d be worried she’s coming for me next.