Mac DeMarco sure has done well for himself over the past few years. Since linking up with Tyler The Creator, it's easy to say that the singer has gained a cult following. The singer is easily loveable, the laidback guy who brings a calming presence. Here Comes The Cowboy is the debut release on Mac's new record label, called Mac’s Record Label. On the inspiration for the record, Mac said "Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life."

There’s a slow start to the album with the title track ‘Here Comes the Cowboy’. It feels appropriate for the opening credits of an old school western film, but that’s about it. The same strings are used along with same four words over again. Calming, yet boring: a pattern persistent throughout all 45 minutes of the album.

That being said, the lead single from the album, 'Nobody', is undeniably a standout track. It gives Mac’s views on being in the spotlight, he sings "I'm the preacher/ A done decision/ Another creature/ Who's lost its vision"; something that must happen to most artists. There's a sense of loneliness on tracks like this, possibly tapping into the same desolate place a cowboy finds himself in along his journey.

What Mac has done with this record compared to others is pushed the boat out in terms of experimentation. ‘Finally Alone’ is a pleasant surprise, the track’s storytelling and smooth high pitch notes shows that his voice can be pushed further.

Throughout the album it's easy to tell Mac DeMarco doesn't take himself seriously, something that could be respected in an industry where everyone seems all so serious. With that said, 'Choo Choo' takes this nonchalant approach to another level. In fairness, it’s a wakeup call that the album needed, bringing elements of funk along with fun, but that being said, the chorus is just “Choo Choo, take a ride with me,” with the sounds of a train whistle following. Maybe this song will be one that grows in fondness? Or is it one for concerts where the crowd recites back those special words? It’s really hard to tell, but probably neither.

It’s easy to drift-off with some of the songs on the album, staring into the unknown and letting the mind run away. It feels Mac also went through these motions creating Here Comes The Cowboy, something is lacking, and it feels like it was motivation. That being said, with this record Mac has taken some creative risks; the theme of the cowboy is refreshing, and there are hints of the artists trademark style, but some tracks are over simplified.

As the name suggests, Here Comes The Cowboy should entail a degree of excitement or anticipation – but it does neither. The cowboy never came - he probably reached halfway and realised he couldn’t be bothered.