Accomplished alternative dream pop group Mazzy Star’s latest EP Still picks up with the same melancholic bliss that they are so well known for. This EP marks their first big release in 22 years, it’s comforting that Still sounds as nostalgic and sweet as Mazzy Star are remembered. The four song EP includes three new songs and a new version of their 1993 single ‘So Tonight That I Might See.’

‘Quiet, The Winter Harbor’ begins with a warm, slow piano ballad that builds slowly as Hope Sandoval’s velvet vocals float over the smooth progressions. “Your thoughts are swimming, I’d like to see them when you’re alone,” Mazzy Star exude brooding passion in their typical fashion with this dreamy and iridescent opening track. The piano melody, an uncommon sound for Mazzy Star, compliments Sandoval’s vocals in the same way that guitar usually does in their songwriting.

Track two ‘That Way Again’ feels more like classic Mazzy Star featuring light acoustic guitar in the background with sliding blues riffs on electric guitar complimenting Sandoval’s vocals. “I’m never gonna think of him that way again” reminisces Sandoval in a somber yet still hopeful tone. Still feels modern and reflective simultaneously along with Mazzy Star continuing to produce romantic songs fitting for long road trips or evening drinks.

The final new track ‘Still’ carries a strong rhythm strummed on guitar and Sandoval’s vocals are delivered like a spoken word poem. “I thought of you one wakening,” is the final lyric as the end of the song vanishes mysteriously after a short, two-minute affair. Even on a song so deconstructed and simple, Mazzy Star manages to conjure raw emotion.

‘So Tonight That I Might See- .ascension version’ offers a newer, more refined model of the song originaly featured on their 1993 album So Tonight That I Might See. This track closes out the Still EP with airy, spoken word vocals that build over the progression of the song. As the song moves forward reverb driven guitar riffs carry the pace of the soft, tribal drumming patterns underneath Sandoval’s whispers. Still is synonymous with Mazzy Star being still at their best regardless of the two decades that have passed since a full release.