Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen is commonly known as , a Danish singer and songwriter known worldwide for features on some of the world’s most streamed tracks including 'Lean On', with Major Lazer amongst various other co-writes and features throughout the years. MØ meaning “maiden” or “virgin” in Danish comes from the initials of her middle and last name and strikes as a contrast to the fierce and raspy pop queen that can be heard on her second studio album, Forever Neverland.

Behind the scenes MØ’s talent as one of the most iconic writers in the industry on some of the most successful songs of the past few years is a testament to this release. Forever Neverland is no different in illustrating the fine tuning and construction that goes into a modern pop hit. “Intro” sets the scene of nostalgia for the album repeating the phrase “Purple Like The Summer Rain”, around an ambience that allows the record to feel more like the art form that we want.

'Way Down' previously released as a single is the next track on the album - a semi-apocalyptic song about feeling scared and depressed from the world and it’s current political climate. With repetitive hooks and calculated melodies, it sets the album for a creative movement of modern pop mastery. 'I Want You' is a cry out for a craving of someone and the fear of that craving, set to a dance-able electric guitar line throughout that brings you to a more musically grounded place.

The fourth track on the album, 'Blur', engulfs the listener with a euphoric instrumental movement contrasting with the stripped back vocal sections of MØ with a vocoder like production style. 'Nostalgia' is the break up song you expected with a driving off-beat percussion, along-side the beautiful arrangement that paints the image of reminiscing on what seemed like a perfect relationship, “It was so beautiful the love we had, I can’t believe we let it pass”.

'Sun In our Eyes” is the first featured track and lead single off of the album with American DJ and record producer Diplo providing a piano based melancholic moment of happiness awaiting the dread of what must inevitably end. Further collaborations include with fellow superstar Charlie XCX on 'If It’s Over' continuing on with the theme of acceptance of circumstances in a relationship amongst a suitably grinding arrangement that screams Charlie XCX.

'Beautiful Wreck” is a chilled track that sticks to MØ’s roots of intelligent writing with an alternative twist. The track perfectly suits the changing contours of the album and tracks such as 'Imaginary Friend' keep this continuity with musical glitches of production, showcasing the versatility of MØ’s voice in these less straight edge tracks.

'Purple Like The Summer Rain' brings you you back to the 'Intro' track phrase to remind of the subtleties of consistency throughout an album. Forever Neverland is an illustration of how modern pop should be - full of character, colourful and 14 tracks full of pop hit after hit.