Saturn, the second largest planet in our solar system with an average radius nine times that of the earth and the title and central theme of NAO’s sophomore album release. Neo Jessica Joshua is the British singer/songwriter who described her music as “wonky funk” with her 2016 debut release For All We Know.

NAO commented on the album; “My friends kept telling me about the term ‘Saturn Returns’. It’s this idea that Saturn takes 29 years to orbit from when you’re born and it is the planet of blessings and growth. So by the time you’re around 29, between 27 and 32, something big happens in your life. It’s like waking up and coming of age”.

'Another Lifetime' is the opening track, reminiscent of previous releases such as 'Bad Blood' that are slow burners with lowly pitched sub-synthesisers that create the contrast with moments of clarity and emptiness. The chorus and strong vocal riffs in this track are an immediate reminder of the impressive range and vocal decoration of NAO.

Next track 'Make It Out Alive' featuring SiR, is a reiteration of this movement of dynamic and vocal harmonies, describing someone keeping a love alive; “and maybe you'll find a way to keep me a floating when I can’t”. Fast phrases are sang sweetly above a syncopated rhythm on “If You Ever” that leads into “When Saturn Returns”, a beautiful string arrangement underneath a sample of astrological descriptions of Saturn's orbits.

Kwabs makes an appearance as a guest vocalist on title track 'Saturn' that duels a perfect blend of tones on a down-tempo acoustic instrument track that is less expected of NAO. Another moment of past remembrance comes in 'Gabriel' with playfully toned guitar that is similarly used in tracks such as 'Get To Know Ya' on her prior album.

Other tracks on the album such as 'Love Supreme' testify to that "wonky funk” that we know so well from NAO with a wide span of vocal range with the thunderous low set to a vibe of floating with serious funk. 'Drive and Disconnect' is another absolute body-mover with driving percussion and a rather clear message, “Send my best no regrets, I guess we drive and we disconnect”.

'Yellow Of The Sun' could be likened in moments to the ever-amazing Janet Jackson, with four to the floor drums that push the track into a recognisable comfort. The last track in the album, 'A Life Like This' is a melting moment of exclamation with unexpected harmony and another beautiful arrangement of vocal layering and flourish. In short, Saturn is quite the trip, more than worthy of its stellar name.

NAO will be adventuring on a world tour with dates in places including Japan, North America and Europe.