IAMDDB has been slowly becoming a favourite among many over the past few years, cultivating a sound that is refreshing and distinctive. In an era when Manchester’s music is flourishing once again, she stands at the front. Her urban-jazz-trap hybrid sound is expanding and flourishing, and Swervvvvv.5 is evidence of that.

The introduction ‘Introlude’ makes you feel welcomed into the album, talking as if she’s speaking to you personally. She says it herself, “It may be my pleasure to take you on a ride.” As soon as the second track ‘ Urban Jazz’ comes in, you can see where this ride may be taking you, on a hazy and sleek journey.

The all-loving attitude doesn’t last too long, the next track, ‘Wokeuptoflexxx’, brings back IAMDDB’s carefree approach. She spits "I don't care, I don't give a fuck, I swear/ We drivin' 'round, 'round the city, you ain't there." Subtle reminders of Volume 3 come to mind.

The heavy-bass and trap side of the Manchester native comes through half way into the mixtape with ‘Sweg’. The calmness over the beat is something you would expect from 21 Savage, whilst she exuberates her confidence to brag about how she got to where she is now. The next track ‘Asss$’ is the strip-club joint on the album, putting men in their place "She used to be yours now she mine/ Nigga try come she decline/ Big bubble butt and she fine /used to rep yours now she's reppin’ for mine" - enough to make any guy shook.

The two interludes come as welcoming breakdowns in the mixtape. The first 'Space Break' brings some humour as she explores the idea that she isn’t all human, similar to the way artists like Young Thug think they are from another planet. Whilst 'Mellow Down' brings the listener back to a calmness after the upbeat tracks from the middle of the project. Over spacey and floaty sounds, she explains her adaptable sound, and why Urban Jazz stands tall.

Later on in the album, ‘Give Me Something’ shows a more reflective side; “22 came sooner than I thought (oh lord)/ I got responsibilities alone (oh lord)/ thank you for moma (on god, move love)/ everything is love, everything is gold,” while the free-flow vibe comes into play. Later on, there’s references to her heritage on ‘I'm Home’, mixing between English and Portuguese.

Those struggling with self-confidence should really listen more to IAMDDB. Her attitude reminds the listener to put themselves first, along with giving anyone motivation to putting in work. At 22 years old this is her fifth project, which just shows there’s no excuses from anyone.

With each project that’s released, it feels that IAMDDB evolves her Urban-Jazz brand and sound. Even without studying the lyrics there’s a greater sense of maturity in the way she projects herself. Volume 5 is the most complete out of them all, with little influences taken from the previous 4. On the outro, the last words fade to “Next step, album mode.” IAMDDB is ready for the next move, and I can’t wait.