“We have experienced Golden Days in the past and will experience them in the future,” recites Andy Platts of the London funk quintet, Mamas Gun. If that was not his mantra prior to the recording of their new album, It may well be now; this is of course where its title comes from. Platts’ relentless optimism shines throughout the ten tracks of Golden Days, anchored by the band’s quintessential ensemble performance.

Funk compresses romance and energy into thick grooves meant to be felt all over the body. Mamas Gun channel the genre so well, their new album feels simultaneously dated and timeless, comparable to pioneers that were prominent in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The opening track, “You Make My Life a Better Place,” opens the windows wide to allow a whistling breeze to circulate, shooing away grey feelings and replacing them with a sunnier disposition. Turning the perspective inside-out, “I Need a Win” comes from a discouraged place, but even the opening stanza acknowledges the beautiful day. No matter the context, Mamas Gun will find a way to celebrate life.

Excluding the album’s closer, Golden Days stands tall because each instrument and player stands out. The band uploaded videos about the making of three of their singles to their YouTube page, showcasing each isolated section. Many small details are magnified as they chat, eliciting appreciation for, among other things, the coordinated background vocals in “I Need a Win” or the “soul clap” in “London Girls.” Keys are played by Bill Hader-doppelganger Dave “Eighties” Oliver, whose influence on the record is impossible to ignore; piano melodies are the strongest constant throughout the record. Slap some bass, occasional brass and wind, and many, many shimmering guitars in there, and the result is an engaging soul record meant to be danced to.

Platts was right. Golden days are here, and rather than yearn for another life in another epoch, we should make an effort to enjoy what we have. With the right attitude, golden days will be here to stay.