Fashion student turned DJ turned producer, Peggy Gou has made waves within the last couple of years with her unique blend of electro, funk, house, and techno. Having gained some clout after releasing off labels such as Rekids and Phonica White, complimented by her intense international touring performances, the Berlin based South Korean artist is back with Once, a three track EP released through the legendary Ninja Tune label. Sitting around 20 minutes in length, this collection of tunes showcases a playful yet personal side of Gou.

Believe it or not, the opening track, titled “It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)”, is Gou’s debut performance on the mic! Sounding smooth and sultry, her voice maintains an organic presence, blending with the underlying instrumentation quite well. The tone and structure of her voice sound pleasantly familiar, charmingly lending itself to the waterside aesthetic of the tune. Accompanied with fun, bouncy drum grooves and analog synthesizers, this tracks harkens back to early days of house music.

“Hundres Times” begins a bit more energetically— with a sharp kick, hat, and clap groove, the attitude of this tune reeks of tenacity and steadfastness. The slightly detuned, whimsical synth lines interact with one another beautifully, creating a hypnotic pool of melody. The subtle elements of electro cause this track to evolve into a spellbinding dreamscape, causing the listener to drift in and out of consciousness with its filter modulation.

Han Jan is perhaps the most “classic” piece on the record. You can certainly hear the Larry Heard influence on this one with its heavily analog, Moog-esque bass line and stabbing synth punches. The heavily reverberated arpeggios which come in around a minute add a certain ethereality which pushes the track to the next level. The 80s inspired drum sounds combined with Gou’s delicate vocals are absolutely enthralling. Gou certainly seems to have found a captivating direction with Once, and I am excited to hear the work she puts out in the future.