The fourth full length from Poliça is a collaborative effort that expands their career and sees them tackling not just new soundscapes, but new, confusing and chaotic societies. ‘Fake Like’ is a smooth easy listening opener, which sees an equal blend between their taut electronica and the more classic orchestral sound of s t a r g a z e. Much like the dwindling beat within it quickly slips into the background. So when the sudden yelps of Channy Leaneagh cut through the strings on ‘Marrow’ it’s a welcome shot of adrenaline.

The first joint record by berlin based orchestra s t a r g a z e and the Minneapolis based Poliça is an often difficult, but largely interesting listen. The sharp strings accentuate the polished synth-pop sound of Poliça and take tracks like ‘Speaking of Ghost’ to often terrifying new territories.

World chaos clearly comes charging through on ‘Cursed’, which has a clash of drums and lone wailing strings in the background adding even more discord to the cacophony. Together with the darkwave synth and breakneck pace of ‘Marrow’ there’s some definite trip-hop influences on this record and while it’s a new sound for Poliça they’re some of the most interesting songs they’ve done of late.

First single ‘How is This Happening’ sees vocalist, Channy Leaneagh, yearning for a better world: “Resisting him resisting us…our freedom isn’t really free,” and it’s no surprise to learn she wrote it the day after the 2016 election. This ten-minute track of long drawn out declarations is really the focal point of the album and the instrumentals take a stark dystopian turn that strangely draws you in as it provokes your anxieties. The horns are an ingenious touch and if you can listen to the last three minutes of this song without imagining the world burning then…well you’re likely an incredibly positive person and this record isn’t for you.

At only seven tracks Music for the Long Emergency comes in at a protracted 36 minutes. Though it definitely has its moments and manages to grapple with the horror of modernity there’s a split keeping this from feeling quite as cohesive as it should. Listen to Poliça. Listen to s t a r g a z e. Neither are quite as powerful when they’re together as when they’re apart.