Pusha T’s seven-track DAYTONA marks his first release in three years, which justifies why he has so much to say. With album art showcasing Whitney Houston’s drug-stricken bathroom counter, the rights to the photo allegedly paid by Kanye West, Pusha T still knows how to demand attention. West also produced DAYTONA with help from Mike Dean and Andrew Dawson.

“If You Know You Know” rings in like an anthem as Pusha speaks with no hesitation ‘the company I keep is not corporate enough/ child rebel soldier, you ain’t orphan enough/ a rapper turned trapper can’t morph into us.’ T doesn’t hold back in referencing his crack/cocaine dealing history, he rather brags about his untouchable status at the top of the game. This track samples 'Twelve O’Clock Satanial' by 70’s Michigan-based rock band Air.

Moving to 'The Games We Play' T continues to reflect on his process as a drug dealer. Kanye used Booker T Averheart’s ‘Heart N’ Soul’ as the sample for the classic piano driven hip hop beat on this track. ‘This ain’t for the conscious, this for the mud-made monsters who grew up on legends from outer Yonkers, influenced by n***** Straight Outta Compton,’ raps Pusha T. This track references a few T’s inspirations that paved the foundational course of trapping and rapping.

One out of two features on DAYTONA comes from Maybach Music’s Rick Ross on 'Hard Piano'. Flowing rhymes on the ups and downs of being recognized, T and Ross tag team the beat with high impact. ‘You scared to see my face in a fancy place/ so I debate my case vs. a Nancy Grace/ it’s flesh and blood ‘til I’m fresh as fuck/ still hands on, sucker, press your luck,’ raps Ross, undoubtedly referencing his hustle through selling drugs. The hook is sung by Tony Williams- Kanye West's cousin.

Opening with a sample from The Mighty Hannibal’s 'The Truth Shall Make You Free', 'Come Back Baby' picks up the pace with a quicker flow over a dark, groovy bass line. Track five 'Santeria' features a darker narrative with T reminiscing on the murder of former road manager De’Von Pickett. ‘You listening, De’Von?/ As I’m talking to your spirit, for God’s sakes/ I’m dealing with heartbreak/ checking my ego, I’m livin’ with lost faith.’

Feature number two boasts Kanye West on 'What Would Meek Do?' where T and West respond to gossip. “It won’t feel right ‘til I feel like Phil Knight/ goin’ for six rings like what Phil told Mike/ seven pill nights, you know what that feel like?/ No more hidin’ the scars, I show ‘em like Seal, right?” raps the ever controversial West.

At this point the fearless Pusha closes out DAYTONA taking shots at Birdman, Drake and company on 'Infrared'. Speaking on the rumors that Drake uses ghostwriters in his writing process, T doesn’t hold back. ‘How could you ever right these wrongs/ when you don’t even write your songs?’ It’s evident that Pusha T is at his most confident on DAYTONA; his rhymes carry confidence and clarity paired with a high head and a release that was well worth the three-year waiting period.