Some artists remain hidden, not by choice, and become settled musical references in their own scene. Israel-born Ori Alboher quickly established himself in his hometown of Jerusalem as part of the local musical community. After his band Folo broke up, he decided it was time to fly solo. The result? His debut Unwind in 2012. Shortly after, ORI moved to Berlin in pursuit of a larger audience and broader horizons. Once again, the German capital has proven itself a creative hub for remarkable talent, yet scaling up shouldn’t remain as an ideal, but an endless pursuit.

An in-studio coffee spill accident forced ORI to go back to the roots of his initial creative process. This allowed him to rediscover the wonders of using instruments, recording soundscapes and later blend them together through a loop station he received as a gift from friends. By simplifying his resources, they became a strength in Alboher’s music. Strongly influenced by the likes of Burial, SOHN and touches of James Blake-ness, ORI’s vocal sampling, manipulation and overlaying methods tied to very fluid and romanticized compositions are now his, to be considered at least, trademark.

First single ‘Black Book’, featured in US action series Shooter, was primarily composed through layers of vocals, melodies and wrap around delicate harmonies. This song being a clear standout on 1986, you follow the harmonical crescendo with the devotional songwriting, later finding yourself surrounded by beauty born out of simplicity.

Self-produced 1986 immerses itself in the eerie depths of ambient electronics and whispered word singing. Throughout its course, in songs like ‘Pulse’ or ‘One Hand Washes Another’, we are exposed to feelings of vulnerability and fragile sounds, as if we’re floating on water and seeking another clear breath. Ori’s delicate and slow paced way of singing is consistent and is always in search of an unconventional approach, remaining nonetheless endearing.

ORI has consecutively built his following, his way of channeling emotion in the most honest way possible is a quality not all artists are able to convey despite their constant efforts. 1986 gathers in one place all the elements that made Alboher the musician and artist he is, portraying his skills as a singer and producer in a clear and well laid out form, and most importantly, with truthfulness, body and soul.