Brighton based duo Immersion is made up of Wire frontman Colin Newman and Minimal Compact’s Malka Spigel, developed by foundations of influences including German krautrock pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Popal Vuh. Amid an amalgamation of musical personality, contrasting with analogue electronics; the result is a visual sense of flickering light and oscillating melodies. Immersion create individualism in their compositions, with new album Sleepless being indicative of the loud one can find in silence as we lies restless.

On Sleepless, Immersion find themselves in the recognisable realm of analogue sounds that though seemingly ambient, is a constantly jarring mechanism of soundwaves and textures likened to cinema. The opening track and first single off the album, 'Microclimate' swells up from its opening with moving guitar melodies that drive you with forward-thinking, supported by strong percussion. Immersion released the song alongside a music video that presents shimmering lights and colourful visual skies that encapsulate this sound and allows the track to evolve with a continuity of an imaginary world.

On 'Off Grid', a four-string tenor guitar gives a sense of the foreign, blending a bass line that is characteristic of Spiegal – but the result is a feeling of flying through the air without any fear as you fade away without any care. Title track, 'Sleepless' is unpredicted, with a richly textured brass arrangement that flows underneath a circling middle eastern sounding guitar. Mystery is created as sounds blend together with the repetitive tones of alien uncertainty and anguish.

Collaborating with Matt Schulz of Holy Fuck, 'Propulsoid' is projected by his drum pattern that allows the listener to lose themselves in the mildly transferred changes in the arrangement, that keep the listener caught in this beating flow of sound. This provides a sense of electro-glide urgency that might suggest Moon Duo as Immersion capture your attention and allow it to glide with the music. Familiar rising blends of electronics come above Spigels’ bassline again in “Hovertron” reminiscent of the end of opening track, “Microclimate” whilst melodic guitar lines fight amongst each other above.

Immersion do well to paint imagery in the listeners mind with, 'The Humming Sea' rising up with an ocean of analogue synth pad like sounds representative of this image as though it is a reality. It is this ability to create an easily interpreted image of the sounds that make this album so easily accessible to a listener. “Manic Toys” is another up-tempo track that creates a crazy world of fluctuating light and colour, through screechy guitar and textured synths. Reminiscent of a dystopian past, 'Seeing Is Believing' has a cycling dripping rhythm as rich drones that seems almost like an 80’s science fiction cinematic soundtrack that features Hexenschuss.

The concluding and most emotive track of the album is 'lo', a mesh of celebration that is emotional and beautiful, as a serene end to conclude the album, like the answer to an unknown question. Perhaps the resolution is in knowing that no matter how sleepless one may be – we will always eventually find ourselves asleep.