Above all, Rozi Plain is easing along. The London singer-songwriter’s fourth album, What a Boost, is a record of, if not quite about, life on the road. Yet, unlike oh so many albums conceived across highways, it bears a sense of contentment, rather than lonely desperation.

‘Swing Shut’ sings of, “leaving the house”, and like much of Plain’s work here, it bears a sense of hope and tempered excitement for what’s to come, free of any sense of impending exhaustion. What a Boost occupies space with grace, not only is it defined by the varying spaces in which it was recorded, but the listener can nearly truly feel those spaces in the echoing, jazz-laden music. It simply feels ready made to echo our feelings back to us.

Much as the music here does, Plain took her time. Initially beginning to craft the album in her home neighborhood in Clapton, London, she, fatefully, chose to nurture them as she went on the road in support of This is the Kit. For a year, the songs sat with her, grew with her. Finally returning to London, the songs simply tumbled, so fully formed in her mind that they arrived mature, feeling lived-in rather than pushed out in infancy.

The playing on What a Boost matches the songs’ adventurous birth, easing in to a charming space between the blues and nearly free form jazz grooves, wandering in an out of Plain’s singing, rather than simply perching behind it. Informed by Plain’s collaborators, including This is the Kit contributor Jamie Whitby Coles, the instrumentation never loses its sense of adventure, drifting in and out of varying tempos, in and out of focus, as if echoing the pleasant melancholy of a long drive in light rain.

The combination of Rozi Plain’s curious, hopefully wistful (as much of a contradiction as that might seem, it’s a feeling I challenge a listener not to stumble upon in listening) songwriting and the meandering, caressing lull of the playing makes room for new, soothing life within the singer’s work. What a Boost grants the feeling of an endless world just ahead of you, that sense of beckoning freedom and peace that sets in over any fear or apprehension. Large open spaces not included.