Sarah Lipstate is no stranger in the realms of experimental rock, reverbed guitars and icy soundscapes. Collaborator to renowned artists such as Lee Ranaldo or The Geraldine Fibber’s Carla Bozulich and tour member to the Guitar Army and Glenn Branca’s 100 Guitar Ensemble, her solo-project Noveller has always been a soulful one too.

Describing her sound as cinematic, while also being a filmmaker, Noveller throws back to her first experiences with pedals and distorted sounds in this year’s A Pink Sunset Over No One. Creating her own ethereal world where her delayed soundscapes are borderline sentimental, yet reflective, Lipstate has made a name for herself since the release of 2009’s Paint On The Shadows. Shortly after the release of Fantastic Planet in 2015, Noveller was invited to support Iggy Pop on his Post-Pop Depression tour across the world. In this, she took pride and inspiration to start shaping up new material for A Pink Sunset Over No One.

‘Deep Shelter’ is a soothing introduction into her new narrative. In contrast, ‘Ritual’ follows this same conductive line, in which Sarah Lipstate took a hint or two from the teaching of Steve Reich’s minimalist Music for 18 Musicians. There’s always been something quite personal in the way Noveller’s music is interpreted and perceived. Each interpretation is unique and adorned with emotion, a projection of your own experience is soundtracked by Lipstate’s eerie world. ‘Trails and Trials’ and ‘Another Dark Hour’ mark a passage through a solemn moment, somehow diving into a mood only Chelsea Wolfe would dare to fully explore.

Noveller is nothing if not consistent and A Pink Sunset Over No One is another fine example of such success. Sarah Lipstate was able to create a solid piece of music; personal, fragile but at the same time powerful and still being able to new incorporate innovation in her reverbed and distorted world.