The debut self titled album from the Dallas based duo Secrecies is a synthetic field of dreams, bursting with melody and glassy beats. Secrecies have come from seemingly nowhere with a sound that’s fully realised and radio ready.

Shawn Magill’s vocals are honey smooth and accentuated by the clipped clarity of the bass lines. ‘Anything At All’ has the soft longing of a more summery Beach House, while the stacked layering and often laser like timbre of the snappy percussion evokes Ladytron.

They tread a fine line between upbeat electro-pop and chill house music. You’re not sure whether to take out your shades and tap your feet or sullenly nod your head. The hushed restrained mood of ‘Everywhere To Me’ is more apt for a solo walk through a bustling city than a club scene. ‘Falling For You’ is an almost haunting expression of love, as Noga’s gothic guitar line steadies a sharp piercing synth while they repeatedly drone, “I can’t make a secret of it.” It’s a surprising expression of the duo’s versatility that is easy to write off with the vibrant one shot energy many synth pop bands have.

Secrecies are like a mood ring that got stuck merging colours; it looks nice, but eventually you get bored that it doesn’t change more. Their sound is easy, almost shiny, but it’s surficial. They’ve got some hooks and Magill’s piano provides some great harmonies on tracks like ‘Feel Safe’, but after eleven four-odd-minute tracks it doesn’t sound quite as exciting as it did at the start.

Heavy synth driven beats will take Secrecies a long way and they show they’ve got plenty of those, but their more interesting moments hint at the promise of their future, which is what I’m more looking forward to.