Ugh, those feels again... is something all of us can relate to. A mix of dread, excitement and reluctance can all be facets of falling in love. The sophomore release from the Swedish-Iranian singer Snoh Aalegra is closely tied with her first album FEELS. Snoh hasn’t been afraid to show her vulnerable side in her previous projects, that’s no different this time round. Similar emotions may occur, but Snoh shows more maturity with this latest release.

The album starts smoothly with a mix of chipmunk-style vocals from the singer, before blending into her normal deeper voice, setting it up perfectly for ‘I Want Your Around’. A track where Snoh gives into her impulses over tinkling piano keys and a simple drum beat, making sure her voice is centre stage; “I know that I don't make things clear/ I fall for you every time I try to resist you.” Singing like a lovestruck teenager over the person, her thoughts might not be clear, but it’s an exciting uncertainty.

A denial of her true feelings echoes onto the next track ‘Situationship’; a bittersweet title. With an upbeat piano chime in the background and more of an R&B feel she sings "So many times, that I tried to get over you, no lie/ The moment I met you, I knew I would let you down..." “Situationships” can sometimes work, but also are quite toxic, which is evident with Snoh’s words.

Producer and long-time collaborator No I.D. makes his presence known throughout those feels again. Undeniably, the level of production goes up a notch on the tracks he’s touched such as the bouncy ‘Nothing to me’ which packs an R&B hook straight from the noughties. Another of his, ‘Love Like That’, has an infectious bridge, while a piano floats through with charming violin strings subtly playing in the background. At no point during the record does anything feel over the top - a reminder that sometimes less is more.

It’s clear that Snoh is a hopeless romantic. In 'You' Snoh confesses her love undeniably with a powerful vocal over the hook, while on ‘I Didn’t mean to fall in love’ she sings ”I didn't mean to fall in love/ Now that I need you, baby/ Tell me we'll never, never part”; Snoh is finally accepting that she has caught feelings once again.

It’s a solid album, but perhaps a bit too safe and stripped-back at times. Although, just because it doesn’t break any boundaries doesn’t mean it’s not a top record. Listeners can empathise with what they hear, some things don’t need to be over complicated. This album is definitely a grower, you have to scratch underneath the surface before judging.

With each album Snoh Aalegra shows progression. From Don’t Explain, to FEELS to this latest release, Snoh has taken parts from previous releases to create this record whilst keeping her authenticity.