Self-discovery takes time. Society pressures us into finding a skill while we’re young and perfecting it until we are some iteration of “successful.” But that’s not how it works; the lucky ones will find their passion early, but it is another task entirely to secure the resources to pursue it. Then there are the late bloomers, who have everything working against them. The new EP from LA duo Soft Streak honors them and provides quiet anthems for facing systematic adversity.

The late bloom is the most formidable of flowers. Similarly, Soft Streak’s Late Bloomer EP reflects insecurities and builds an enduring self-confidence able to outmatch its peers. It begins with the glitchy ‘Ride’, a reckless way to start any adventure. Tori Schachne glides over the tracks with her beguiling vocals, as the band navigates pastel dreams. Quite literally too, given the peculiar narrative at the end of ‘Never Enough’: “omigod here’s a dream for you, we were both somehow pregnant and going into labor…”

Listeners should expect to gain something from this short release. The first steps toward independence come in ‘Keep Your Face On’, a chillwave attempt to keep inner demons at bay. Put on your poker face, because even just the façade of strength is enough to eradicate them. Then ‘Orogeny’ uplifts and proselytizes. The title refers to a geological phenomenon where tectonic plates collide and connect, forming mountains along the fault. While our problems may seem bigger than the scope of the planet, Soft Streak reassures that we are also stronger than the ground that holds us up.