LUMP is the colourful contemporary project created by Mike Lindsay, Mercury prize-winning producer and founding member of Tunng and Laura Marling, the Grammy nominated, brit award winning singer-songwriter. Following the birth of Lindsay’s new compositions, with Moog synthesisers set above rapturous drums and swirling clouds of flutes, his project was in need of a vocalist. Having been introduced to Marling after her show supporting Neil Young in London in 2016, Marling was invited to take flight into an experimental world, resulting in a compelling narrative on themes including the lengths we go to escape our own meaninglessness and the emptiness of contemporary life.

On the self-titled album LUMP, the reminiscence of Marling’s voice from previous records, is noticeable through her serene contrasting lines of almost spoken lyrics comparing to long vibratos that accompany a visual, experimental landscape surrounding. Inspired by early-20th-century Surrealism and the poetry of Edward Lear and Ivor cutler, the opening track, 'Late To The Flight' begins with an ominous electric pulse before Marling’s characterful vocals are introduced with a huge build in instrumentation to catapult yourself into this Surrealist landscape, “Paint dots on your wrist to see me in your dreams”. Perhaps Marling is highlighting the lengths at which we go to make ourselves individual, or perhaps she is merely emphasising the world Lindsay creates.

'May I Be The Light' continues on with an introductory drone pulsating beneath, as Lindsay creates a hypnotic world that complements the repeated vocal lines above and continuity of build in the instrumentation and texture of the tracks. ‘It’s a sign of the times” Marling sings with angelic backing vocals as the track ends with a beautiful cloud of flutes that salute the movement of the landscape onto the next track. “Rolling Thunder” is similar in creating this absurdity that the album is built upon; the instrumentation becomes cinematic in the midst of spectrally explored voices, “I’m your mother” to “I’m your father”.

The album’s first preview track with an accompanying video is set to a warm sounding driving bassline blended with overtones of guitar. 'Curse Of The Contemporary' reflects on cynicism of the new age and thus a curse of the contemporary. The video was created by the motion graphics designer, Esteban Diaconno and is a perfect portrayal of the personification and surrealism that marks the album as the LUMP character is brought to life as a creature on an imaginary journey. Shifting through the rooms of this idealism, “Hand Hold Hero” immerses the listener in a preceding synth bass with programmed drums and occasional moments of electro-acoustic interest.

'Shake Your Shelter' is the concluding track on the album excluding “LUMP is a product”, a testimonial track to those who participated and played on the album to allow the final creation of LUMP. The track features overlapping voices that sound overtly chaotic, as Marling sings of nakedness and “losing the ceiling”, a perfectly fitting end to the absurdity of the album’s sonic imagery. LUMP is a creation that both composers stressed passed through them and they look upon parentally and this is evident as an articulation of the artistic detail of the contemporary, through Lindsay’s colourful soundscapes. During these moments of absurdity, swirling instrumentation and surrealist poetry, the listener is reminded to consider that this is not an album from Marling or Lindsay; this is a product of LUMP.

Marling and Lindsay will be touring LUMP this summer with shows scheduled at Rough Trade East in London, Hebden Bright, Manchester, Festival Of Voice and Latitude as well as two intimate shows in one evening at Oslo in Hackney on June 5th.