Singer Bert Vliegen yelps into the ether with all the vigour of a car-crash. As “I wanna be the last thing on your mind” careens out of his mouth on opener ‘Sidenote’, you can hear the sweat dripping down his vocal chords as if he were a bare chested man at a toilet-show. This is Teen Creeps.

Claiming their sound is ‘post-everything’ the trio from Belgium isn’t as hard to pin down as all that. This isn’t the molecular cuisine of music; it’s a rare steak with a side of truffle fries. That’s to say: it’s basic, but delicious with a twist. Guitarist, Joram De Bock, puts melodious pop hooks through the centre of every track on Birthmarks, which coil up and reel you in from beneath the field of scuzz on tracks like ‘Hemispheres’ and ‘Hindsight’.

Getting bogged down in that field though are Vliegen’s vocals that are so low down in the mix of most songs it’s difficult to comprehend. The crisp whines of “I’ve seen it all turn against me” on the sparky ‘Unravel’ are a welcome pyre which burns above the lethargy that is in danger of taking over at times here. The formulaic; melody, feedback, melody and a hail of drums; works well for Teen Creeps and the raw feeling of live shows is rendered fully down to the last amp screech on ‘Forging Kindness’, though those moments of vitality are the exception.

The way Vliegen splits his personality between self-mockery and rage on ‘Hindsight’ is startlingly effective and his raspy chorus brings to mind the force of Fucked Up. Channelling this personality is when Teen Creeps are most gratifying and when the realisation that “Can’t sing about myself, can’t sing about anybody else” hits on ‘Will’ it feels crucial to who this band are.

BIRTHMARKS is a clear notch on Teen Creeps belt, once they distil their formula to hone their adolescent fizz they’ll be explosive.