Music can be about many things. It can chart doomed relationships and blossoming romances; capture anger and frustration as well sheer elation and celebration. Music is an art form like no other; easily digestible and easily accessible but also loaded with ideas, meaning and things you’ll never experience anywhere else. Everything from politics and LGBTQ issues to the mundanity of taking the bins out can worm their way into a song. Also butts. Butts and farts.

You’ll mostly find the last two topics on The Bob’s Burgers Music Album, a 112 track compilation of original tracks taken from the animated FOX sitcom, Bob’s Burgers (which airs on Comedy Central in the UK). A show about, you guessed it, a man named Bob Belcher who owns a burger restaurant, it’s essentially picked up the slack now that The Simpsons is long past its sell-by date. With a cast of ridiculous characters, it’s a funny, sweet and often surreal little show which has garnered it something of a cult following.

Music plays a large part in the show’s DNA, with even the likes of The National and St. Vincent lending their talents to sing about gravy boats and peer pressure. Sleater-Kinney even enlisted the animators of the show for the 'A New Wave' video. It’s no surprise then that fans have been waiting for an album of the show’s songs, which range from little ditties to full-blown musical theatre spectaculars.

So here it is, six seasons' worth of the sublime and the ridiculous. For anyone other than a die hard Bob’s Burgers fan it can be a bit of a slog. Though often fantastic out of context (Gene’s Die Hard-meets-Working Girl musical 'Word Hard or Die Trying, Girl' is superb), much of the fun comes from the memories of each particular episode that surrounds each track.

Still, it’s a great encapsulation of what the show is about. From extremely sex-positive tracks like 'Sneaky Pete' to the adorably romantic, as with Jimmy Pesto Jr’s ode to Tina in 'T-I-N-A', with plenty of Megan Mullally and Kevin Kline on vocal duties (both together on the landmark track 'Electric Love', detailing the love affair between Thomas Edison and Topsy the elephant), there’s every facet of the show on display.

It’s often surprising how well these tracks nail their homages to particular genres. 'Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Woman Stuff)' is a love letter to those PG sexy anthems that groups like The Bee-Gees made their career on. 'I Love You So Much (It’s Scary)' by the fictional Boyz 4 Now, meanwhile, sets its sights on the boy bands that adorn teenage girls’ walls across the world.

Some tracks are grand and ambitious, some are merely 1 minute or less interludes, but each track is lovingly crafted by a team that isn’t so much trying to demolish these stereotypes but pay loving tribute to them. Of course, at nearly two hours long, it’s probably not something you’ll listen to all in one go (especially if you’re not a Bob’s Burgers fan), but it’s quite easy to dip in and out of it at your leisure. If you like songs about butts and farts too, then you’re well catered for here.