Los Angeles garage pop band The Regrettes are back with an album even more raucous than before. Following a recent sold-out European tour, where they supported Twenty One Pilots, and a captivating performance at Reading and Leeds Festival, The Regrettes have now gifted us Christmas four months early.

With their sophomore album How Do You Love?, the empowering quartet have crafted a 15-track release which exceeds expectations. The album is built around a theme which every single person can relate to - the overwhelming power and emotion of love.

Charismatic lead singer Lydia Night sings about the highs and lows of love, how it can bring the ultimate sunny disposition to your life and yet also tear your heart in two. How Do You Love? acts as a diary of a relationship from the beginning to the end, each track a different chapter, revealing a brutally honest and entirely relatable tale.

Night shares, “I realised that [the songs] all fit together and tell a story,... It’s about finding bravery through love. Learning and accepting that, yes, you went through a shitty breakup but that’s amazing, because all that means is next time you’re in a relationship, you know so much more about yourself and about what you want.”

The album is introduced with ‘Are You In Love?’, a short, poignant spoken-word poem suggesting the theme of what is to come. Followed by ‘California Friends’, a percussion stomping anthem, showcasing The Regrettes' signature sound that we’re all so familiar with. Passionate vocals and gritty guitar-driven melodies brings the album to life, reminding us of the reason the band have been successfully taking the industry by storm.

Then there are tracks such as ‘Dead Wrong’ and ‘Go Love You’ which through raw energetic melodies and dominant rhythm sections create a potent, riot-inducing release. Rounding up the album is the title track ‘How Do You Love?’, a pounding vivacious song, highlighting drummer Drew Thomsen’s extraordinary musical ability. Together, Night, Thomsen and guitarist Genessa Gariano and bassist Brooke Dickson have evidently accomplished a rare sound that’s resonating with audiences on a global scale.