At just 23 years old Troye Sivan is already being described as a gay icon and his new record Bloom isn’t going to do anything to slow that down. As summer comes to and end Bloom is here to extend it just a little longer with its dance beats, bubblegum pop choruses and Sivan’s charm taking centre stage.

On a mission to conquer, five of the albums ten tracks have already been released as singles and all of them are catchy as hell. Title track ‘Bloom’ is a sex-positive anthem for the modern world which sees Sivan singing metaphorically about gay sex “Take a trip into my garden I’ve got so much to show you the fountains and the waters are begging just to know ya”. While there are already plenty of think pieces out there about the prospect of this being about ‘bottoms’ what they all forget is how damn infectious this song is. The bubbling synths that slowly crescendo into a euphoric chorus of angular drumbeats are gorgeous. You’ll be singing this for weeks.

Slower tracks ‘Postcard’ and ‘The Good Side’ are oozing melancholy and Sivan’s ability to strain his voice so that you feel his anguish gives these songs a very well produced bedroom feeling. Blending the two halves of the record is ‘Dance To This’ which features Ariana Grande. It’s a low-key dance track with flickering drum machines and sweeps of melodic guitar giving it a more natural edge. Their two voices are a perfect match and though Grande is largely backing her runs against Sivan’s more hushed tones work well.

It’s a record of growth for Sivan and naturally fruit and flower metaphors prevail, giving us an insight into Sivan’s adolescent mind which is fraught with loving, losing and even dying on the (surely) Smith’s inspired ‘What A Heavenly Way To Die’. Starting from the insecure Sivan of ‘Seventeen’ which sees him searching for experience “and he said age is just a number, just like any other, we can do whatever, do whatever you want”, we get to the maturity of realising a love is over with the beauty of “I was summer, you were spring, you can’t change what the seasons bring’ on ‘Plum’.

Sivan may indeed only be 23 and while he might not be a gay icon just yet, records like Bloom which clearly and proudly sing about same sex relationships while sounding shiny and polished in all the right places, will certainly help him get there.