They say when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? So if life gives you a hard time, you strike back to make it better. This was exactly what happened to Robin Fisher, a Berlin-based resilient noise rocker that took matters into his own hands in order to persevere.

When his apartment, in the always-hectic neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, was broken into, leaving nothing behind except a small sampler, that moment marked the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Shortly after, choosing Scar Polish as his new moniker, Fisher embraced the positives of this unfortunate event and explored his musical possibilities with the remaining gear. Sourcing inspiration from the same instrument while exploring sounds, sampling techniques and later adding a much crucial guitar layer, he quickly shaped up the foundations of Science Friction, a five-track EP reflecting on a time of renewal, reinvention and self-discovery.

Treading the fine lines of DIY lo-fi psychedelic rock and gritty electronica, Scar Polish projects through his newfound direction a component of nostalgia and teenage innocence while building dense layers of sound that fully harmonize. The hypnotic hook and dreamy atmosphere of opening track ‘Protein Coat Sadness’ set the pace of this journey with a shining outcome, where the crafted samples and reverbed guitar patterns are like words trying to make an honest point across.

Between all the psychedelia and ethereal soundscapes, ‘Infinite Dust’ nods at a more romantic undertone, while building up to ‘Bike Corpse’, flashing back the early Beach Fossils and DIIV days, where chords and lyrics were simple, playful but hinted to a bigger meaning.

At a glance, Scar Polish’s music doesn’t quite fit the typical Berlin ecosystem due to its warmth and beachy flavour. However, the contagious joy that both ‘Jet Shifts In The World’ and ‘Innocence Museum’ unleash is exactly the feeling we must hold on to while waiting for another summer breeze. Fisher’s honest finesse to write, sing and to turn a bad moment into a prosperous future are abilities that will allow him to thrive and grow.

Berlin needs more acts like this, acts that are active, persistent and vocal about wanting to stand out from a saturated crowd with an apparent obsession for nocturnal affairs. Robin Fisher brings a story worth listening and we’re eager to hear his next chapter.