Chicago’s Twin Peaks' fourth album Lookout Low takes us in a different direction from their previous releases, and could be considered as some of the band’s best work to date. Showcasing more experimental arrangements, their music preaches the message to keep on keeping on, despite what life may throw at you.

Consisting of guitarists Cadien Lake James and Clay Frankel, bassist Jack Dolan, multi-instrumentalist Colin Croom and drummer Connor Brodner, the five former highschool friends put blood, sweat and tears into creating their latest release. “This was the most collaborative it’s ever been for us. We wanted to try all the weird ideas and be as open as possible,” says Brodner. On this album, the group came together united, delivering an exceptionally polished and refined sound. Their hard work has evidently paid off, with each individual band members showcasing their strengths. Dolan shares, “There’s something intangible about how our chemistry and friendship has evolved. We rely on each other so much.”

Produced by Ethan Johns, the band spent three weeks deep in the Welsh countryside, seamlessly live-recording each track. The dynamics and energy of the band’s renowned live shows is captured in Lookout Low, giving listeners worldwide a glimpse of what their live performances entail. The 10-track release oozes with confidence, with each song being a prime example of the efforts put into making this their finest work yet. ‘Casey’s Groove’ is the first track off the album, setting the standards for what’s to come. Featuring infectious grooves and jangly guitars, the song emits a feel-good vibe. Then there is the leading single ‘Dance Through it’, a track saturated in gospel vocals and shining with soul-soaked swing elements. Title track ‘Lookout Low’ brings out the band’s love for country music, exploding with gritty vocals which are balanced with delicate female harmonies and dance-worthy, upbeat rhythms.

Lookout Low provides 10 outstanding tracks, each one making clearly apparent the effort put into creating this album was not in vain. This album is certainly going to be tough to beat.