Whatever Makes U Happy is a slender follow up to 2016’s It is, with JMSN continuing to prove that he is probably the most slept-on artist in the world. The evolution of Christian Berishaj into JMSN is a storied Wikipedia entry worth reading. The TL;DR is that this is a guy who’s only ever wanted to make music and there’s nothing getting in his way. If you’ve ever caught a JMSN live show you’ll know that this is a man having a hell of a lot of fun living the dream.

His previous releases as JMSN have had a stronger R&B influence and the distance between early favourites such as ‘The One’ and Whatever Makes U Happy’s opener ‘Drinkin’’ are noticeable. JMSN’s purest talent is his ability to make incredibly listenable music. This may seem like a bizarre statement to make, but in an era of skippable streaming services having an artist whose entire back catalogue is so damn good it keeps your finger off the ‘next’ button is an achievement.

JMSN and his band’s live shows are incredibly tight knit as you’d expect for a man who tours relentlessly. This professionalism is replicated in the mostly live recordings of tracks on Whatever Makes U Happy, which produces a more human and breathable album now JMSN’s music is stripped of samples and production tricks.

There are a few curveballs on Whatever Makes U Happy, like album centrepiece ‘Slide’ which opens with fingerpicked guitar and brings in a grand piano and strings. Melodically it’s one of JMSN’s most tightly focused and brilliant compositions yet, matching the heights of previous favourites like ‘My Way’ and ‘Cruel Intentions’.

If you’ve never listened to JMSN then Whatever Makes U Happy is as good an album as any to dip your toe in the pool. But be prepared to swim back into his back catalogue and not get out of the pool until the sun goes down.