a weird retro as futuristic as formica tables
erratically jazzy
an old hardcover book about home decor that shows you those open spaces with terraced interiors, fluffy carpets and bold-coloured wallpapers
a record box full of Yes, ELP, and Little Feat
the funniest thing is the difficulty in pinpointing the definite moment it transports us to as suburban as the grass in the front yard being mowed in the background. except for 'good news', which screams 1974, embroidered patches sewed to the back pocket of bellbottoms, baseball t-shirts, platform shoes and feathered hair
Cool Whip
junior high kids smoking their first joint in their grandparents' backyard during the 4th of july barbecue
this isn't music for big city apartments, it's too spacious and it needs room to keep growing and expanding
this isn't adult rock either, although it definitely screams baby and a pram sometimes
an old green couch in a basement with wooden wall panels, on its left arm lies an ashtray stolen from a motel in Colorado
white denim's performance somehow makes you feel like you'll get your shit together; by making complex sounds and riffs seem simple and natural, it evokes a "you got this" feeling within that reassures you everything's going to be alright
but at night you still fall asleep with your teddy bear