Label:Hidden Shoal Release date: 29/07/10 Link: Myspace Hey you! Yes you! Do you enjoy the kind of music they play in lifts? Do you enjoy it so much that you’d like an album full of it?!? Well look no further! Rich Bennett is here with over 30 minutes worth of lift esque tunes with his latest album On Holiday. Never again will you have to leave the safety of a lift without being able to recreate the incessantly repetitive, boring and overly mellow music that you love so much! Ok so maybe that’s a bit harsh, perhaps On Holiday isn’t quite lift music, it’s more the kind of thing you encounter when you pause your game on The Sims but without any of the charm. For those who failed to understand that reference this is lounge music, bland yet relaxing, whistles, gentle guitar and a constant undercurrent of egg shakers that will either leave you with bleeding ears or will place you in a relaxed state of mind as you sit back in your leather armchair smoking a pipe thinking you’re a right groovy hipster. The whole album is one big disappointment with Richard’s vocals bringing nothing remarkable to the table. There’s no intensity to any of the songs and nothing that stops the overuse of horribly gritty and irritating stylophone from being annoying rather than powerful or even interesting. Richard’s moany tones are occasionally interjected by equally dull offerings from Rebecca Pronsky which although nothing special at least liven things up a bit helping to stop you from falling into a boredom induced coma quite as quickly as you could have. However perhaps this is the whole point of On Holiday. Maybe this is exactly what lounge music aims to achieve, mediocrity that’s consistent enough to be played in the background, not interfere and every so often peak enough to make you awkwardly shuffle about like a granny at a wedding before fading back to bleak bland nothingness. I’m highly skilled at finding pointless distractions to stop me from doing what I should but this is one even I wouldn’t recommend letting your ears near. Photobucket